Top Selling Cavs Accessory for February 2017

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Cavaliers “Keeper” Backsack Overperforms

Why does this simple item sell so well? Well for many reasons. It’s simple, incredibly functional, priced right, and demonstrates our unique team pride. Let’s face it, backsacks are simple, just a small easy to carry bag for your day to day items. This simplicity only enhances how incredibly functional it is. It’s a make shift gym bag, lunch box, wallet, book bag, shower bag, and emergency clothes, shoes, pencils, pens, paper, medication, food, and anything else you might need today bag. Add all this functionality for only $5.00 and the purchase is a no brainer. I know personally I have several backsacks all for a specific purpose. So feel free to get several at once and helpĀ  organize your life. Personally, I have a separate backsack for my basketball gear, volleyball gear, ultimate frisbeeĀ  gear, shower supplies, and an emergency overnight clothing and toiletries bag. Maybe I’m overly organized, and maybe you’re under organized! Either way get one!


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