Simple Leprechaun Trap this St. Patricks Day!

If you have young children you’ve probably heard of Leprechaun Traps. Cute, funny, arts and crafts projects that put a smile on peoples faces, and allow you to spend a couple hours with your children. Well here’s a simple project that doesn’t take a lot of time or materials and allows you to be extra creative.

You’ll need

  • 1 Box (approximately 8x8x12, but any size can work)
  • string
  • green paint
  • white paint
  • paint brush (1/2 to 2 inch width)
  • pencil
  • stick
  • fake gold coins

(standard cardboard box)

(paint the entire outside of the box a flat green)

(using the white paint and the eraser side of the pencil get creative)

(add some personal touches, keep it simple, funny, and rough looking)

(assemble trap, if you’re unsure how to assemble reference old Bugs Bunny cartoons featuring Elmer Fudd)


Also after St. Patricks Day you can store all your decorations in the box for next year!


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