Tewkesbury Inn Pub


Welcomes you and your guests with the romance of an English country inn.
So charmed were we by the tiny pub, nestled within this enchanting British West midlands inn, that we wanted to take it home with us and have it replicated! Imagine yourself serving drinks from under the canopy, your closest friends gathered around the concave stand-up bar, their smiles reflected in the wide, bevel mirror-backed counter. Though we’ve scaled it for home use, its ample storage includes 8 drawers and 4 cabinets (all with brass pulls), room for 40 bottles, 4 shelves and row upon row of stem holders up top. You’ll add instant atmosphere, and history with this substantial, honey-stained distressed high-quality pine bar, held up by 6 supporting pillars—the only authentic English pub this side of the Atlantic!
Arrives in 3 major pieces that 3-4 people can interlock to form a sturdy structure.
80″Wx79″Dx91″H. Approx. 800 lbs.


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