Drink, Drink, Drink, Drinking Games!!!

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Well we all know sports, and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Here’s some interesting drinking games to combine the activity!

“Pre-Game Hy jinx”

Take a shot every time someone makes a bad joke during an NFL pre-game show. Take another shot if there’s awkward silence instead of fake laughter. I’ve noticed that this game works best with ESPN’s pre-game show, followed by Fox, then CBS. Someone check out NFL Network for me.


Take a shot every time an announcer tells a personal story about a player that you really don’t need to hear.

“Fight, Fight, Fight”

Take a shot every time a player does something that would be considered assault or worse for a civilian. If you aren’t fighting by the end of the game you aren’t playing it right. Works best for hockey, but surprisingly well for most professional sports.

“Rules Don’t Apply”

Take a shot every time an NBA star gets the benefit of the doubt on a questionable call.

Good luck!


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