Custom Cavs Jerseys Need Your Help!

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It’s almost Valentines Day and there’s no better way to show your woman you love her than with a custom Cavs jersey. Sure you accidentally ordered it with your name on it instead of hers, and you accidentally ordered it as an extra large even though she’s a petite, but it’s the thought that counts, and damn does she look good wearing your jersey. Did I say your jersey, I meant her jersey. Ha!
For those women looking to get there man a jersey be creative. Sure his names Joe, but his pride would swell if you got him a custom “Big Sexy”, “Lover Boy”, “Mr. Perfect”, or “Super Stud” jersey.
For the single people looking to get creative click here, for a list of 700+ badass nicknames for all occasions!!! My personal favorites, Cobra Commander, Hurricane, Breaker, Radioactive, Nuclear, Unstoppsable, Behemoth. What’s your favorite?

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