Best Wardrobe Advice Ever for Men!!!

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If you’re like most men you dread shopping, and only stick with a few favorite clothing items that you’ve had for years and love more than many family members!

You’ve probably had you’re favorite shirt for so long you have no idea where it came from.

Was it a gift, did you actually buy it, did you find it on the side of the road? Who knows, all that matters is that you love it.

So how do you repeat this seeming miracle to have a wardrobe consisting of more than just 3 amazing clothing items?

Do not buy any quick fad clothing items. I got an amazing New Year’s Eve shirt one year. Loved it, but could only wear it on that one occasion. In all, a bad decision.

Go with classic logos, and styles that have been around for years instead of months. Also, if somethings not comfortable, don’t buy it. Don’t fall into the trap of saying you’ll learn to love it. That never works.

Stick with classic looks and comfort and you won’t be disappointed.


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