Best Cleveland Advice Ever!

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I’ve lived in Cleveland my entire life. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly. A city that’s been down and out, and is being revitalized. At the same time with surrounding communities at the peak of their success, but with others at the brink of failure. Poverty next to wealth, hope next to despair.

With all these differing and opposing qualities there’s a guiding light. I’m not talking about the many people running for mayor, city council, or any other government position. I’m talking about the great qualities found in the people of Northeastern Ohio, as well as every successful culture.These qualities are so simple, yet so simply overlooked.

Hard work, perseverance, patience, a goal, a smile, and the golden rule.

These are the qualities that can be found in Cleveland’s success’ and the qualities that can’t be found in Cleveland’s failures. Take them to heart, reflect on them, and grow with them.



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